Cancellation and Refund Terms

Cancellation and Refund
Starway Web Digital believes in aiding, rather cooperating with its clients beyond what many would consider possible. We take this liberal cancelation policy. The client/s consent to follow these points noted beneath to put proper cancelation request: All the cancelations will be taken into consideration if the request is made within 72 hours of submitting a request. The cancelation request won’t be entertained if the requests have been imparted to the merchants/vendors and they have started the process of delivering those products. Take note of that there can’t be a cancelation of orders put on the Day/date of Delivery. No cancelations are taken in consideration for those products/services that the Starway Web Digital marketing group has procured on events like Christmas, Easters, New Years and so forth. These are restricted event offers and such cancelations are not possible. In any case, refunds/substitution can be made if the client sets up that the nature of the product delivered isn’t great. The issue ought to be accounted for inside 5 days. If ever you feel that the products/services received isn’t as appeared on the website or according to your desires, you should convey it to the notice of Starway Web Digital customer service within 24 hours of accepting the products/services. The Customer Service Team subsequent to investigating your complaint will take a proper choice. All amounts owed by the customer to Starway Web Digital for services rendered/items sold proceeding the confirmed cancelation date must be forked over the required payments. There will be no allocating for partial months all through the Agreement. Because of record security and privacy concerns, all charging related queries and cancelation demands MUST be made in writing or through email.
Cancelation requests might be processed if made by the underlying authorizing party and if received in composing. There will be no refunds of cash for any cancelation demands made following 7 days from the date of the request. For security and training purposes, all calls inbound and outbound through Starway Web Digital corporate workplaces are digitally recorded and the recording acts as a piece of the verbal contract between Starway Web Digital and the client/customer. Any cancelations done after the cooling time frame by the customer, for any purpose at all will prompt a full installment of the agreed cost and quick termination of the agreement, until the point that generally commonly concurred between Starway Web Digital and the customer. If there should be an occurrence of complaints in regards to products that accompany a warranty from the manufacturers, please refer the issue to them.
Refund Policy
Whenever client/s purchase Starway Web Digital services/products, the buy is secured by our 30-day money-back promise. In the event that the client/s are, for any purpose, not by any means happy with our products/services, Starway Web Digital may issue a full refund after examination of an investigation on common cooperation with the client. Starway Web Digital creates and offers software that clients use and Starway Web Digital has thousands of happy clients around the world, and the support system is second to none. That is the reason why Starway Web Digital can bear to back its services/products with this special assurance. To ask for a refund, essentially contact Starway Web Digital client support team with your contact details within ninety (90) days of benefiting services or acquiring products. If you don’t mind incorporating your orders/invoice number (sent to you by means of email in the wake of placing order) and alternatively please tell us why you’re asking for a refund – we consider client feedback important and use it to always enhance our products and nature of services conveyed. Refunds are not being provided for services conveyed in full, for example, establishment service and provided information based hosting services. Refunds are being processed within 21 days time span.
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