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Starway is a 360° digital marketing Consultancy that helps you boost your business. Need to know more? Read on…

How It All Began

April 2009 Starways History
Starways Ideation

We studied the market and realized that the businesses that restricted to offline marketing were going astray amongst the online businesses. To eradicate these disputes and help these unknown businesses flourish as a brand we coined the idea Starways Web Digital.

Jul 2010 Starways History
Starways Shaping

We went onto giving a structure to the idea that we formed with more market research to understand the target audience and how to uplift their brand.

Aug 2010 Starways History

Starway has its inception in 2010 where we started to serve our clients and became a helping hand for the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Kolkata and drive their growth.

Jan 2012 Starways History
Starway Expansion

Starway grew to be one of the Website designing agency in Kolkata with experienced employees,  We slowly expanded our services to different location to serve various clients.

Aug 2013 Starways History
Starway Go Digital

we strive to offer all our clients and partners in business an affordable and best web solution with a blend of global appeal and efficient connectivity with the market.

March 2016 Starways History
Increasing Associates

We are an Indian based Digital Company that has been successfully in business since 2010 with more than 1200 international and local clients.

18 January 2018 Starways History
Private incorporated

Starway Infotech Private Limited is a Private incorporated on 18 January 2018. It is classified as Non-govt company and is registered at Registrar of Companies, Kolkata.

March 2020 Starways History
Growth Continues

We are among the most efficient companies to provide Best SEO services in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and India.

Why Choose Us?

Trusted By Over 1200+ Professionals & Users Globally.

  • In Market Since 2012
  • 1200+ Clients
  • Google Certified Project Managers
  • WordPress Specialist
  • Certified Android And Iphone Developers
  • Pay As You GO
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Our Leadhership

If you want to boost your business and web presence then we are all you need. We provide the most responsive website development and web design in australia with the help of Google certified project managers, Android and iphone approved developers. Web development and design require technical expertise and professional skills, so we employ the best to give you the best of digital marketing in australia. If you have been looking for the most Affordable SMO Company in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and India then you sure have been in search of us.

Abdullah Ali

Founder & CEO 

Aashish Sharma

Digital Marketing Expert having 5+ years experience

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Amazing team members

Doing amazing job everyday

We Love Challenges

Our passionate team of skillful technicians and web designers churn out the most creative, responsive and innovative design with the expertise in the web developing and designing industry. We bring out the blend of innovation and functionality for our diverse clientele looking for most navigable websites. We believe in shaping your desires into a real picture by transforming an ordinary website to an excellent one. We not only provide the most Affordable SEO services in Australia, New Zealand, India but we also provide personalized web designs solutions and seo service in Australia for our clients.

We are known as the Best SMO Company in Australia for delivering the most SEO friendly, interactive web design. We specialize in developing websites for e-Commerce with dynamic designs and responsive mobile adaptation with great resolution and befitting screen size. We work with the agenda of making our clients happy by delivering the best of seo services in australia. We stay in constant touch with our clients by frequently following up if our clients require any kind of help with the website.

Powerful websites

Our USP is the creation of unique designs that enables the clients to promote their brands efficiently in presence of diverse competition. We creatively blend jaw-dropping designs, colors, and fonts with smooth and exciting animations and java.

Result Oriented (SEO)

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Smart Mobile Application

Brilliant business implies portable Apps adjustment, each keen marketable strategy nowadays areembracing portable applications to contact the mass to advance brand uprightness. We plan and createapplications on Android, iOS and windows to give a main edge to your business.