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Creative Internet Advertising Agency

With an increasing number of internet users, achieving thousands of customers has become far easier. Stating that it is of high importance that your message reaches your audience on time.

Promoting your business all by yourself can be challenging. This is due to the involvement of several factors such as effective strategies, creativity, engaging and interesting messages, etc.

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We are Starway – A Digital Marketing And Advertising Agency in Kolkata. We have just the right strategies and techniques to get your business online and earn the required exposure.

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We offer you several services for your promotion, for instance –

Digital marketing is more than being just a trendy topic or a current fancy buzzword. The results are for real! However, the results are never a one-day affair. With efficient digital marketers from the best advertising agency, the outcome of your efforts will persist. Starways offers you a range of digital marketing services that you should know about.

How thrilling will it be if you wake up one fine morning and see your business to be on the first page of Google search? Alas! That can’t happen in a jiffy. It requires the strategies of digital marketers who had brainstormed ‘day-on-day’ to help you get the right exposure.

Need to know how the internet advertising agency  do that? SEO is the answer. Search Engine Optimization Services or SEO is a process with which you can help your audience find your products/ services/ content conveniently. With the required integration of keywords, these digital marketers make your message optimized with the Google algorithm reach higher ranking on the search page.

Our internet marketing agency with SEO helps to –

1. Increase online visibility

2. Make your piece of information relevant to the reader

3. Increase the dwell timing of your page

4. Reduces the bounce rate of your page

Need to get more audience?

Work it out with SEO!

Need to pull in more traffic to your website?

Try Pay Per Click Services.

Pay per click or PPC is a type of internet marketing model. Under PPC advertisers can purchase clicks on their advertisements to increase the number of viewers instead of earning them. With PPC your product may be shown among the top search results which help in gaining more visitors.

Types of PPC ads the advertising agency in  work with–

1. Shopping Ads

2. Display Ads

3. Written Ads

The online advertising agency can get you the best of the results with PPC and induce sales.

Getting your business online and churning out profits from it requires effective strategies. What can be better than social media? With the striking number of active users generating leads can never be challenging. But how will you get your clients? The answer only points to Social Media Optimization Services.

SMO or Social Media Optimization is a process to enhance the social presence of your organization on the available platforms. Besides, with SMO you can also improve your online reputation by being interactive with your audience on a regular basis.

How does the advertising agency  help with SMO?

1. Increases the awareness and visibility of your product or services

2. Be in regular touch with your audience

3. Enhance online presence

Build a relationship with your customers and get profits now!

Consider the best Ad agency .

Just posting a picture or two or a video on your social media will not be enough to attract traffic.

You need a bit of oomph.

You need Social Media Marketing Services!

Yes! Your audience needs to know that you exist on social media too!

SMM makes use of your social media handles as a marketing tool. Social Media Marketers produce content to induce an adrenaline rush and convince them to share your message that in turn will help you reach masses. This method offers you extended exposure and public recognition with a comprehensive customer reach. Thus, it is best that you obtain SMM services from the best advertising agency.

Consider your store is located in your area. Any marketing done, targeting countries like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc. will not churn out profits for you. The most effective type of marketing you require in such cases in local marketing where the target audience will be restricted to the citizens of Kolkata only. This will help you gain customers from your area and induce profits.

To analyze your target audience and to promote your business the correct way it is best that you get your local marketing services done from an advertising agency in Kolkata.

The local marketers from the internet advertising agency in Kolkata help you gain the desired exposure and local customers to increase your sales margin.

“But words are things, and a small drop of ink, falling like dew, upon a thought, produces that, which makes thousands, perhaps millions, think” –

  George Gordon Byron, Don Juan. 

As per the famous saying, words, if used correctly, can change the thoughts of millions. Content or is everywhere. Any individual does not purchase a product or service before reading about it. Hence, it is essential that you develop effective content to reach your target audience conveniently.

Nonetheless, effective content development may not be an easy task considering the market competition. Thus, it is best that you hire the best advertising agency in Kolkata to achieve the best of results.

How does content marketing by the advertising agency in Kolkata help?

1. SEO content increases online visibility 

2. Builds a bond between your organization and your customers

3. Delivers the required message

4. Makes your product | service | website relevant to the search result of the readers

Consider the top ad agencies in the World and get your words going!

Don’t you see a number of promotional emails when you sign in to your mail account? That is email marketing. Email marketing is a type of direct marketing that makes use of electronic mail to reach masses.

How does email marketing by the well-known advertising agency  work?

Email marketing delivers emails in bulk to several mail IDs. The content delivered hold links that the receiver can click to be landed on the required mother page. If done correctly with the help of an online advertising agency in Kolkata you can build a concrete relationship with your merchants and your potential customers. Regular email increases the impact of effective communication and helps you to be in constant touch with your audience.

What’s more?

It is highly cost-effective.

Don’t you get more attracted by a creative video rather than a picture? Though pictures are highly effective if delivered accurately, videos always take a leap. How does video marketing work?

You create a video that promotes your brand, product or services which increases your sales and profit margin. If created correctly, your videos can be a trend that will help you reach more of your target audience.

To help you get the desired results to consider video marketing services offered by the best online advertising agency .

Have you spent thousands of bucks on developing a mobile app for your business but not getting profitable results?

Unfortunately, your app is not optimized. 

App store optimization is a process with which you can get your app listed higher on the app store page to create interest within your audience and increase the number of downloads.

An increase in the number of downloads signifies more users which means higher revenue.

The way ASO offered by the renowned advertising agency  works –

ASO follows the rule of Click-through Rate (CTR). This suggests that by optimizing your logo, the name of your app, description, app rating, pictures or screenshots, title, etc. you can convince your audience to click on your app or download the same that helps achieve higher ratings.

Doing it by yourself is a challenging task if you do not hold the required knowledge. The best way to optimize your app and get fruitful results is to join hands with the best ad agencies . They hold efficient team members that have knowledge of the process of ASO and get the job done right.

Branding is a crucial step to take when it comes to marketing. The best advertising company in  provides you with branding services that –

1. Gets you recognition

2. Increases your business value

3. Generates new clients

4. Increases employee satisfaction and pride

5. Creates an atmosphere of trust

6. Supports your advertisement strategies

To achieve over-the-top and cohesive branding get in touch with the most renowned advertising agency and attract masses.

Attractive content helps you engage your customers. If impacted positively, you can turn them into consumers. In simple terms, creative designing services helps in creating attractive designs that add to the company value and flair to its brand name.

With the increase in the competitive market, creative designing can help your venture to be ranked top among all. For better results and to generate higher revenue it is advisable that you get your designs from the best advertising agency , which keeps a hold of the recent trend and the requirement of the public and gets your job done accordingly.

Have you clicked on an ad and ended up purchasing the product owing to its attractive designs an interesting message?

E-commerce marketing services drives traffic to your website or online store with the help of promotions and creative designs and content and also convinces them to pay for the product sold. Such kind of marketing creates awareness of your product among the audience and increases the rate of sales. You can make use of e-commerce marketing to drive more traffic to your online store or sell a particular product depending on your requirements.

Need e-commerce marketing? Get in touch with the best digital advertising agencies .

In case you have listed your product on different online stores or market places, it is essential that you have them ranked on top of the search engine to help your audience find them with ease.

How does the best digital marketing ad agency  help with marketplace management?

1. Helps your customers find your product with ease

2. Boost sales

3. Helps you stay competitive with the rest of the market

4. Scheduled advertisement of your product thus creating interest amongst your audience

However, marketplace management can be pretty confusing, if attempting to do it all by yourself. Hence, consider opting for the best advertising agency  that offers marketplace management services  with the best of results.

With mass users on social media, having a hold on your reputation has become more than just a necessity. Any mistake here or there will not only break you but also shatter your business. Hence, ORM is worth the try


Agencies offering online reputation management services have a team of managers that know exactly what your brand needs and how your reputation can get better. This helps you to attract more customers, directing them towards your business and manipulating their purchase decision, convincing them enough to purchase your product.

Need to boost your honour?
Why worry?

With years of experience, we vouch to keep up to your business and industry standard and make you the talk of the town. And that too in a positive way!

Networking and staying connected to your audience on social media platforms hold high importance bringing in the requirement for social media management services.


With an increase in the number of active social media users reaching a mass is far more stress-free. However, the key to gain acceptance and preference is to stay connected to your audience. Not just Facebook or Instagram, your business requires other social media platforms as well, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Managing several social media handles can be stressful. This is where the advertising agency in Kolkata can help. With accurate social media management strategies, you can be connected to your audience on a regular and scheduled basis that will increase the sense of trust and credibility within your customers.

Join hands with the best advertising agencies  and manage all your social handles with ease.

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